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We get to know YOU and your brand

Your brand values are at the core of everything we do, we will take the time to understand your company.

Whether an established or emerging brand, understanding you, the client, is our priority, as this creates and establishes a strong working relationship. To begin with, it is critical that we undertake a thorough discovery session so we can get to know you, your people, your goals and your business. The better we know you, the better the service is that we will deliver. As engaged listeners, we go to great lengths to understand your business sector, your circumstances, your key goals, and your timeframes. Whatever the priorities of your organisation maybe, we work together with you, with the same enthusiasm for your business as yourselves. Doing this will ensure that we recognise your business needs and your core values, so that we can really tailor our service and support.


It is only then that we can begin our work…






We provide comfort and security every step of the way giving you expert advice and support for your luxury brand launch.

If you are new to the market place, determining the route to achieve your goal can be daunting, particularly if you are an upcoming, emerging brand launching a new product. We are here to make the process as smooth as possible and will go to great lengths to support you in an approachable and friendly manner.

Our decades of experience and expertise in the beauty industry means that we can add real value to your organisation with insightful advice and critical support. Perhaps you need guidance with brand strategy, or maybe you are looking for a new retail partner in the UK. Whatever is the case, we will hold your hand through the process and share with you all the knowledge that you need, so you feel empowered to make the right decisions for your business.



We draw upon our unparalleled experience to develop strategies that drive commercial success.

We act as your partners in recognising and highlighting opportunities for your brand. We help you get more clarity and create a tailor-made business development strategy to ensure revenue and profits are met, whilst reaching and expanding new consumer audiences.

As experienced brand strategists, we develop a practical framework that will give you a clear grasp of what actions need to be taken. We will prepare a campaign and map the way forward to ensure we make measurable differences and add value to your business in a competitive market place. We make it clear on what exactly is required to take your business to the next level.


Beauty Brand Consultants the in Uk with the Little brand Book


We operate a 360-degree management service to accelerate your luxury brand across all markets and channels, building the momentum to increase sales, market share and distribution that will secure the future of your brand.

We are commercially aware and have a comprehensive knowledge of the beauty industry. As a result, we have established strong partnerships with key retailers, senior retail buyers, PR and marketing companies. As your business grows, we can also assist in building an infrastructure through the provision of logistics and warehousing facilities. This means we are in the best position to advise and develop your brand the way you want across all retail markets and channels; increasing sales, market share and distribution. Our plan will always be forward thinking but achievable, and we’ll identify the right retail partners in which to showcase your luxury brand and accelerate it within the UK.

To learn more about how our beauty brand consultants can accelerate your growth; contact us at LBB.

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We supercharge your growth by getting you noticed through the world of PR and marketing.

It is critical that your luxury brand and/or product has increased market awareness. This can only be achieved through shrewd marketing which we can deliver through our key relationships with expert PR and marketing companies.

Working in collaboration with the right people, we will ensure you get the best advice and brand exposure whilst broadening your customer reach. We build your brand awareness campaign and raise your image and profile through a strong omnichannel strategy. Your customers will be able to engage with your brand through multiple avenues, creating devoted brand advocates which will drive leads and sales.


We deliver results and hit the targets

We’re the experts in delivering profitability and growth.

We know just what it takes to get the job done and hit your all-important targets. It is easy to become too involved in the little details of the business and lose track of the financials. Getting a return on all investment is crucial so we create a budget, knowing where every penny is being spent, keeping a close eye on cash flow and controlling inventory whilst working within a structured P&L strategy.

We build credible and well-defined strategies to achieve sales plans and hit agreed KPIs. Detailed reporting and accurate forecasting will ensure an increase in market share and store rankings whilst driving profitability and growth. 

We are experienced in growing companies, and it’s essential to regularly review plans. We continually track sales against retail and wholesale performance, pinpointing areas of adjustment and identifying the need for realignment, as and when necessary.


We build and develop teams

We attract and retain the best talent that will drive your business.

As your business accelerates, you may need additional experienced people, and we can help in attracting and recruiting the most appropriate talent. We have the skillset to manage and develop productive teams at all levels, and you can have total peace of mind knowing that your brand is in capable hands.

Good training and development programmes help you retain the right people as the battle for top talent becomes more competitive. We can create training courses to help employees engage in your brand understand what the brand stands for and to deliver the right message.

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them learn. We coach each individual to be accountable, to improve their own performance and unlock their potential, greatly improving the chances for success.

Find out how our beauty brand consultants can develop your team by getting in touch with us at LBB

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We create stability

We add the extras that will hold everything together.

Our service encompasses support to various functions in your business, for example human resources, finance and supply management. We take ownership of all processes, coordinating resources, doing research, writing detailed reports, preparing presentations and arranging events.

We can also create beautiful, bespoke installations and build visual merchandising that will showcase your brand by working in conjunction with retail design companies to bring your brand to life.

Whatever the requirements, be confident that we can tailor them for the demands of your business.






Beauty Brand Consultants in the UK. Little brand Book

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